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LPPCHEA a Project of Senator Cynthia Villar




Weekly coastal clean-ups are conducted on the shores of LPPCHEA by high school students from public schools in the cities of Las Piñas and Parañaque. There are also monthly clean-ups led ny Senator Cynthia Villar together with volunteer groups from local government units (LGUs), government departments/agencies, non-government organizations (NGOs), Metro Manila-cased schools, and the private sector. The garbage collected from the site are recycles and reused. The plastic (PET) bottles are converted into rescue boats. The waste plastics are used by Villar SIPAG Waste Plastic Recycling Factory as raw materials in producing chairs, which are distributed for free to public schools in the country.



LPPCHEA is home to 11 mangrove species which are growing at its 36-hectare mangrove forest. These are BakauanBabae. BakauanBato, Banalo, Bungalon, Buta-Buta, Kulasi, Nilad, Pagatpat, Pototan, Saging-saging and Tabigi. The DENR has recently re-introduced a species of Nilad (Scyphiphorahydrophyllacea), a mangrove species endemic to the Philippines capital city “Maynila” came from.

Mangroves are important as these serve as spawning ground for fish. The amount of fish eggs laid at LPPCHEA is high. The people around it and in nearby cities, who are mostly fisher folks and seafood vendors, depend on the coastal habitat for their daily sustenance and livelihood. Moreove, mangrove forests act as natural barriers and protection of coastal communities against storm surges.



LPPCHEA is a sanctuary to migratory bird species from as far as Siberia. Thus, it has become a popular birdwatchers’ destination. According to the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines (WBCP), Metro Manila has 150 species of birds, around 82 of which are found at LPPCHEA, including three endangered species: 10% or 1,000 of the 100,000 Chinese Egrets remaining in the world; the Philippine Duck, which have made LPPCHEA its breeding ground; and the Black-Winged Stilt.

Besides bird-watching sessions, nature-lovers and environment enthusiasts have also been frequenting LPPCHEA to commune with nature and take a break from the frenzy of city living. They engage in nature appreciation activities such as trail walks to look at native trees and plants, kayaking, stargazing among others.

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