Villar lists of 18th Congress Legislative Achievement

1. SB No. 139. An Act to Restructure and Rationalize the Livestock Industry in Order to Strengthen its Development, Protection            and Regulatory Functions, Including the Promotion of Dairy and Native Animals, and to Provide for a Livestock Development            Fund, and For Other Purposes.

2. SB No. 140. An Act To Strengthen the Resiliency of Small Farmers Against Climate Change and Extreme Weather Risks by                 Establishing the Regulatory Framework and Program for a Free Weather Index-Based Crop Insurance, Providing the Source of         Funding therefor, and for other Purposes.

3. SB No. 146. An Act Amending Certain Sections of RA 10068 or the Organic Agriculture Act of 2010.

4. SB No. 147. An Act Mandating the Establishment of Instructional Gardens in all Elementary and  Secondary Schools, Public or         Private, Making it a Requirement for the Creation and Issuance of Permits For Schools and for Other Purposes. (Gulayan sa             Paaralan)


5. SB No. 807. An Act Institutionalizing the Philippine Fiber Industry Development Program, Providing Funds Therefor and For             Other Purposes.


6. Coco Levy  (for filing)


7. PCA Strengthening (for filing)


8. Amendment To Agri-Agra Law (for filing)


9. Allocating 10% of the IRA of LGUs to Agriculture Development (for filing)


10. Strengthening the Food and Drug Administration to license, monitor, and regulate the  food, drugs, cosmetics, medical                       devices, and household hazardous waste in the Philippines


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