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Mechanical Transplanting of (Inbred) NSIC RC 436

Mechanical transplanting of (inbred) NSIC Rc 436. Thank you Sen Cynthia Villar, RCEF and PhilRice.

We practice what we preach! -Myriad Farms Myriad Farms Agri-Business Skills Training and Assessment Center, Inc.

Rc436(Tubigan 37) Average yield: 5.7 t/ha Maximum yield: 10 t/ha Maturity: 107 days after seeding Height: 93 cm Reaction to pests & diseases: Moderately resistant to Blast, Stemborer, GLH, and BPH. Susceptible to Bacterial Blight, Sheath Blight, and Tungro Grain size: Medium Milling recovery: 70.7% Eating quality: Soft


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