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Coco Levy Act to benefit 3.5M Filipino farmers and spur the development of our coconut industry

At the Senate Plenary, #SenatorCynthiaVillar, Chair of the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Food thanked President Rodrigo Roa Duterte for signing the #CoconutFarmersandIndustryTrustFundLaw last February 26,2021. 54%of the funds shall go to livelihood programs to increase income like planting and replanting of hybrid coconut seedings, intercropping with cacao, coffee and dairy, processing of coconut by cooperatives to be empowered and established by CDA, marketing and crop insurance; 46% for credit, infrastructure, scholarships both in technical and higher education and health program for coco farmers.

Senator Cynthia Villar likewise thank all the Senators for voting unanimously for the passage of the bill in the Senate.


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