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Villar Launches New Course to Empower Farmers in Bulacan

Senator Cynthia A. Villar today launched a new program that will enable residents of Bulacan and nearby provinces to access agriculture training for free.

Villar, Chairman of Social Justice, Welfare and Rural Development and Vice Chair of the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Food, announced the new Agricultural Crop Production course during the Farmers Day Celebration of the 16th San Jose Del Monte Cityhood Anniversary or Tanglawan Festival. The course will be offered at the Villar SIPAG (Social Institute for Poverty Alleviation and Governance) farm school in the city, which the senator opened last July.

The new program supports Villar’s vision to make learning sites more accessible to farmers. “We hope to teach them new farming techniques and other innovations to help improve their skills. In the end, it is us Filipinos who will benefit from their increased harvest and improved quality of agricultural produce,” Villar said.

This course will offer specialized training on agricultural crop production, which covers nursery operations, planting, caring and maintaining of crops, effective harvest and postharvest operations, composting and others.

​​Villar SIPAG will partner with East West Seed Philippines. East West Foundation's goal is to provide proper nutrition to every Filipino through an increase in vegetable consumption, and to empower the Filipino farmers economically and socially.

For the last three decades, East-West Seed Philippines has remained true to its mission of providing innovative products, seeds and services that help increase the income of farmers.

The farm school in San Juan Del Monte is the second farm school of Villar SIPAG. The first school was established in San Nicolas 1, Bacoor City, Cavite.

“The Villar SIPAG farm schools aims to equip Filipinos with the skills and technical to make them more competitive, earn more and be successful,” Senator Villar said. “In doing this, we are ensuring the overall food security of the country, that every Filipino family has food to eat on their tables.”

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