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Senate Hearing Conclusion on Coconut Infestation

Learning from Scale Insect Infestation and Moving Forward

1. Continue to control the coconut scale insect infestation

2. Coordinate with the National Bio Safety Committee for the possible importation of the predators that can eat the scale insects; we will coordinate with the fertilizer & pesticide authority for testing & approval of organic & non organic pesticides

3. Review DA Budget requirements for outbreaks for all crops so we can prepare in the future

4. Prepare Standard Operating Procedures and Protocols in case of outbreaks which will damage our crops, to ask DA to submit to us such Protocols and SOPs

5. The Mandate the National Crop Protection Center should not be limited to research but should include prevention, preparedness and response to outbreaks in any Philippine Crops and implementation of alternative livelihood to mitigate loss of income to farmers due to crop damages; Comprehensive Coordination with LGUs.

6. There is a need to institutionalize the National Mapping of All Major Crops.

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