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Committee Workshop Highlights Role of Agricultural Women in Poverty Reduction

In one with the celebration of Women’s Month, a two-day workshop especially for women in agriculture was held last March 27 to 28.

The two-day workshop, entitled "Agriculture for Poverty Reduction: Enhancing Contribution of Rural Improvement Clubs (RICs), was sponsored by the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Food in partnership with the Department of Agriculture's Agriculture Training Institute.

Attended by 90 members of RICs, this activity emphasized the important contribution of women involved in the agricultural sector in the alleviation of poverty situation in the country.

According to Professor Fredelita Guiza of Asian for Institute for Management, the facilitator of the said workshop, “Women are the backbone of the agricultural workforce.”

In order for this role to be realized, the participants were introduced to the concept of strategic performance management and the use of strategy map and balanced scorecard. These things will help the RICs improve their entire organization, benefitting not only the members but also the rest of their communities.

To further realize and understand the importance of women in agriculture in poverty reduction, participants were briefed on the poverty situation in the country and its causes.

This activity was done in support of the efforts of Senator Cynthia A. Villar, the Senate Committee Chairperson, of empowering women in agriculture and fisheries to be financially independent by providing them with the knowledge and skills they can use for livelihood.

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